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HoloWorld TM
HoloBuck TM
Virtualize Yourself! TM

HoloWorld is a virtual world where the HoloSuit platform really comes alive. It is a 3D holographic world with HoloSpaces where you can let your creativity go wild and start designing amazing virtual physics enabled interactive objects. Community of HoloSurfers can start gathering in the HoloWorld shared 3D space and start teaching each other. You can build virtual Archeries and Bows and Arrows and start using HoloSuit to teach archery skills. You can even create portals to go to your own fanstany HoloWorlds which run on magic instead of technology. HoloBuck virtual currency can be used to monetize training in virtual and real worlds. The best part is, all the skills you pick up in the HoloWorld can be taken back to the real world through HoloSuit - the world's first affordable, bidirectional full body motion tracker with haptic feedback. HoloSuit - Virtualize Yourself!

Technical Specifications of HoloSuit®


6 Motion sensors on both Jacket & Glove and 5 Motion Sensors on Pant


Individual on-board processing unit with BLE and Wifi


Compatible with all VR/AR/MR/RR!


4 Haptic feedbacks on Jacket & Pant and one Haptic feedback on each Glove


2 button controls on each Jacket & Glove


Head and Foot tracking System

Features of HoloSuit®

Full Body Motion Tracking & Capturing


Cloud Connected & Board Processing with BLE and Wifi

Unity Plugin-Uniform interface to get body joint Data


Wearable Suit & Compatible with all VR/AR/MR/RR!


Work with All devices of Windows, iOS, Android

Compatible with