HoloSuit Entertainment Platform

HoloSuit Saber is a MR/VR/AR game which allows you to hold a real saber in your hand and put on the VR headset(Hololens, Samsung Gear, oculus Rift) and fight other Knights. The Knights appear in the virtual world and the game can track the real sword movement and use it to provide a breathtaking experience actually being in the fight. If you are wearing a mixed reality device like HoloLens, you can even move around. Your enemy can come from behind and you can use your arms and legs to fight them without even looking back to first get them in your field of view! This is the holy grail of VR gaming. 

HoloSuit Sword Game – the first cross platform action game which can be played across all realities (VR/MR/AR and RR!) with a single controller – your body! Just wear the suit and get swinging with the sword.

HoloSuit Fitness/Sports Platform

HoloSuit Trainer works both in the real world and the virtual world. For example, if you are interested in Golf. You can relax and play 18 hole golf at your home using the VR headset. You can also go out to the real world and play golf while wearing the HoloSuit. The HoloSuit stores all your body motion during the golf game. When you come back home, you can review all your golf in the VR world and see where you can improve. Future version will include golf trainers to help you improve your real world golfing by analyzing your body motion. Fitness tracking app developers like yoga, acrobatics can also use HoloSuit for tracking full body motion. Fitness tracking app developers like yoga, acrobatics have expressed interest in using HoloSuit for tracking full body motion

HoloSuit Factory Training Platform

Holosuit along with the training apps is a complete solutions for clients that wanted to use VR/AR/MR with two purposes: to stimulate training of their workforce who would be capable of maintaining factories of the 21st century and to streamline factory processes. As a result, the number of errors in the daily operations will decrease, which will directly affect the productivity, quality assurance and the bottom line of the factory. HoloSuit Technology will be able to train more people within the short period of time in a cost-effective and interactive way; to enable people to learn about their workplace environment and machines without jeopardizing their life and safety as well as to help those very workers master using expensive machines before they try them out directly.

HoloSUit HealthCare & Rehab Platform

Physical therapists are interested in using the HoloSuit to track the flexibility/ joint motion range of patients over extended periods of time in their natural environment.Holosuit Technology in Healthcare is one of the biggest adopters of virtual reality, which encompasses surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery and skills training. One of the advantages of this technology is that it allows healthcare professionals to learn new skills as well as refreshing existing ones in a safe environment. Plus, it allows this without causing any danger to the patients.

HoloSuit Education Platform

Holosuit Virtual Robotics Lab allows students to build different types of robots, which also includes simulators, theory and quiz. Virtual Science Labs allows students to repeat the experiments as many times as they wish; it includes simulators, videos, animation, theory and quiz.